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Tribute to Coach Nick Mazzolla

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On Wednesday, November 4, 2015, the Queen of Peace High School family lost a great man: Coach Nick Mazzolla. For the last four years, Coach Mazzolla had the distinction of coaching the boys’ and girls’ track and field program at Queen of Peace – and helped make the Golden Griffins put forth teams that featured standouts like Natalie Negroni, Kevin Momnohin and the Rozalski sisters, namely Michelle and Catherine “Kas.”

d Abromaitis, who was a long-time friend of Mazzolla’s and was the athletic director and baseball coach at Queen of Peace for more than three decades, remembers the first time he ever got to meet Mazzolla.

“It was 1971, the first time I met Nick,” Abromaitis recalled. “We were in high school together at the time. Nick was the best basketball player at the time at North Arlington and we had a great player named Billy Hart. There was always talk who was a better player. Well, one night, a game was set up between Nick and Billy behind North Arlington High School. They made a bet who was better. They bet one dollar. There were cars parked to use their headlights so they could see the court. Nick won the game, 21-19, took his dollar, put his arm around Billy and they went to the deli across Ridge Road so Nick could buy Billy a soda.”

Abromaitis then became a long-time friend of Mazzolla’s.

“There will never be another one like Nicky,” Abromaitis said. “To do as much as he did, coach as many sports as he did, touch as many kids as he did. You won’t find another one like him.”

Coach Maz, you will be missed.